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“A sub-zero sweet tooth.”
“Arctic Sorbet” represents a moment of not shouting for attention, but it is possible to feel its existence. It is a feeling of loneliness, freedom, wonder and joy at the same time.
Let the flavors of tea and mint leaves take you in an atmosphere of simplicity full of well-being, freshening up your day without boundaries.
Little snowflakes stick to my lips plentifully. The trembling hands under leather gloves help confirm the coldness that penetrates into the bone very well. But that couldn’t dampen the excitement of the sun’s glitter on the ice floor. The marks of sweet Akutaq sorbet on a thick coat are reminiscent of the joy of picking berries blooming in summer. The breeze comes back to life when blowing through the gaps between the mountains, chirping like the sound of paired birds billing and cooing.

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