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We are at a point where superficiality is a value of living. Speed, hustle is a value used to judge efficiency until success inevitably. Thus, the environment around directly determines the effects that will have on our feelings. But in fact, some conflicts of emotional can create beautiful novelties that we have never known until spending time realizing them. We may desire peaceful excitement or feel lonely, but happy at the same time. There is no framework, rule, right, wrong or definition because each person’s truth, beliefs are not equal, not the same. Somuti will be a mechanism to help open new perspectives through the sensory perception of smelling the scents. It may possibly distort your beliefs from experiences that happened or have never happened, but it might be the inner value that you have always longed for.
At Somuti, we value and pay attention to every detail of our products. We create various scents through a combination of concepts as well as the search for diverse, quality raw materials from all over the world. That also includes the production process aligning with the international standards in order to create unique Ambient-creation Products. The reason is because we want to pass on quality products to people to know, realize, feel the beauty of small things that may be finally rooted to be a value within the mind.

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